Information about MNA-UMPNC Special Elections

A special election will be held to fill the vacated positions on the executive team as soon as possible. In order to be compliant with UMPNC bylaws, there must be at least three members of the nominations committee. Only members not planning to run for an open position are able to be on the nominations committee. The interim executive committee voted to offer spots on the nominations committee to every member who filled out an interest form to serve on the nominations committee before the deadline along with the required paperwork thereafter (a biography and consent form.) The following MNA-UMPNC nurses have been offered spots on the nominations committee:

Dorothy Bachman
Rebecca Behm
Antoine Byse
Laura Jirasek
LeAnna Johnson
Rebecca Perreault

This page will be updated as more information about the special election is determined by the nominations committee. Thank you to all the Michigan Medicine nurses who have stepped up to fill this important role.